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Vive al son

Vive al Son, an organisation dedicated to promoting Spanish culture in the United Kingdom, approached Loved Brands with the goal of bringing their brand to life and connecting with a wider audience. Loved Brands undertook the challenge of developing a comprehensive brand strategy, visual identity, social media profiles, content creation, and website to establish Vive al Son as the go-to platform for Spanish cultural immersion in the UK.


The primary objectives were to create a vibrant and engaging brand experience that would captivate audiences and educate them on the rich sights, tastes, and traditions of Spain. Loved Brands aimed to cultivate a recognizable and authentic Spanish feel through the visual identity, social media content, and overall brand strategy.

  • Brand Strategy: Loved Brands conceived 'A 360º Spanish Immersion' to fully engage viewers in a virtual Spain experience. The strategy focused on sharing nuanced aspects like expressions, recipes, and cultural tidbits to deepen understanding.

  • Visual Identity: Vive al Son's logo, inspired by Spain's iconic carnation flower, symbolizes passion and tradition. Reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks in imagery showcase Spain's vibrant energy and scenic beauty.

  • Social Media Content: Loved Brands curated diverse Spanish cultural aspects on social media, sparking audience curiosity. Vibrant imagery and captions encouraged engagement, fostering an appreciation for Spain.

  • Website and Content Creation: The website and content highlighted Spain's uniqueness through interactive elements, articles, and visuals. Loved Brands transported visitors virtually, offering insights into Spanish history, traditions, and lifestyle.

Our approach


Loved Brands successfully brought Vive al Son's brand to life, creating a 360º Spanish immersion experience through a thoughtfully crafted brand strategy, visual identity, social media presence, content creation, and website design.


The passionate and energetic atmosphere conveyed through the imagery and engaging content contributed to the organization's goal of promoting Spanish culture and increasing awareness among audiences in the UK.

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