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Nessence, a skincare and artisan's handmade scents brand, partnered with Loved Brands to create a comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity. Their mission was to help people feel renewed and restored with intentional scents and artisan-made products. The objective was to develop a brand from scratch that reflected Nessence's core values and connected with its target audience on an emotional level. 


The main objectives of the project were to establish a distinct brand identity that embodies Nessence's mission, vision, and values by evoking feelings of renewal, restoration, and intentional self-care. The goal was to highlight the artisanal craftsmanship and passion behind Nessence's handmade products, emphasizing the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability. Additionally, the aim was to create a visual identity that exudes sophistication, elegance, and serenity, capturing the essence of Nessence's high-quality offerings.

  • Brand Strategy and visual identity: Nessence's brand strategy centered around the concept of being heartfelt, passionate, and artisanally crafted. To convey this, Loved Brands carefully selected a combination of fonts that reflected the brand personality. The "The Artisan" font, with its handwritten style, symbolized Nessence's heartfelt and passionate approach. The use of the san serif fonts "Runalto" and "Altone" added a modern and clean touch, evoking sophistication and elegance. The combination of fonts created a brand identity that was traditional with a twist, capturing the essence of Nessence's mission.​ Nessence's visual identity encompassed elegance, naturalness, artisanal craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness. The brand archetype of the explorer aligned with their vision of an intentional world without ephemeral and meaningless things. The motto, "Don't fence me in," conveyed their desire for freedom and discovery. Nessence's personality, including traits such as excitement, fearlessness, authenticity, and curiosity, guided the development of their visual identity.

  • Colour Palette: Gold, mint cream, ivory, blue, and white formed Nessence's palette, each symbolizing specific values. Gold represented luxury, mint cream embodied freshness, ivory reflected sophistication, blue symbolized serenity, and white conveyed calmness and purity.

  • Iconography: The icon mark for Nessence combined three symbolic elements: the sun, sea waves, and yin and yang. The sun represented a source of light, signifying vitality and the essence of life itself. The sea waves symbolized serenity, dynamism, and rejuvenation, reflecting the brand's focus on self-renewal. The yin and yang motif represented the never-ending cycle of life, embodying the concept of rebirth. The icon mark encapsulated the brand's core values that will resonate with their audience.

Our approach


Loved Brands crafted a compelling brand strategy and visual identity for Nessence, perfectly aligning with their mission. Fonts like 'The Artisan,' 'Runalto,' and 'Altone' reflected heartfelt passion and sophistication. The exquisite color palette—gold, mint cream, ivory, blue, and white—evoked luxury, freshness, authenticity, serenity, and calmness.

A standout element is the sea and waves icon, symbolizing dynamism and life's ever-changing nature. This reinforces Nessence's commitment to renewal and deepens their connection with customers.

With Loved Brands' expertise, Nessence is poised to captivate their audience, delivering intentional skincare and artisan-made scents. The visual identity embodies elegance, heartfelt craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness, setting the stage for their brand's success.

In capturing Nessence's essence, the visual identity connects emotionally with customers, laying the foundation for a successful brand journey.

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