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Kiaan Herbals

Kiaan Herbals, a health and beauty brand known for its 100% natural products, approached Loved Brands to undertake a rebranding project and revamp their website. With a focus on highlighting the positive effects of their offerings and the use of organic ingredients, Kiaan Herbals sought to enhance their visual identity and create a seamless user experience for their customers.


The goals of the project were to refine Kiaan Herbals' visual identity, including the logo, colour palette, and typography, to better represent their brand values of quality, natural ingredients, integrity, and honesty. Additionally, the website needed a fresh and modern update to align with the new visual identity, ensuring a seamless user experience. The influencer marketing campaign aimed to amplify brand awareness and engagement, focusing on promoting their new saffron serum.

  • Refinement of Visual Identity: Loved Brands worked closely with Kiaan Herbals to refine their logo, incorporating rounded edges and deeper hues to create a welcoming and polished aesthetic. The color palette was carefully curated, featuring gold to represent product quality, green to symbolize natural ingredients, and white to reflect integrity and honesty. Fonts were selected to add a personal touch and simplicity, aligning with the organic and authentic aspects of Kiaan Herbals' products.

  • Website Revamp: The website was given a fresh and modern touch while ensuring a seamless user experience. Minimal yet strategic changes were made to bring the website up to date, enhancing its visual appeal and functionality. The aim was to provide users with an engaging platform to explore Kiaan Herbals' offerings and easily make purchases.

  • Influencer Marketing Campaign: Loved Brands planned and executed an influencer marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement. Through collaborations with influencers, Kiaan Herbals aimed to amplify the reach of their new saffron serum, generating captivating updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive insights.

Our approach


The collaboration between Loved Brands and Kiaan Herbals resulted in a successful rebranding and website revamp, aligning the brand strategy with core values and target audience. The visual identity effectively communicates the commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and integrity. The revamped website offers a fresh, user-friendly experience, enabling seamless exploration and purchases. The ongoing influencer marketing campaign aims to boost brand awareness and engagement, strengthening Kiaan Herbals' positioning and appeal in the health and beauty industry.

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