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I'm Mar

Brand strategist with

5+ Years of Professional Experience.

Having worked with international brands and startups in different countries, I have developed  vast experience in leading and executing brand strategies, involving: market research, creative thinking, content marketing and user engagement, increasing brand awareness and user acquisition. I love to find and capture experiences and emotions that connect best with our customer's audiences, so their brands can be loved. My mission is to create Loved Brands, honest and committed brands that make people feel connected, loved and inspired. 

Our services

Brand Strategy

Branding helps people to identify brands and differentiate them from their competitors.


We are specialists in identifying your unique brand values that will connect with your audience, which results in increasing your customer loyalty. 

Communication Strategy

Need help with promoting your brand? Get out there!! with a cross-media campaign. We will study your target audience and market and we'll combine the most effective online and offline tactics to promote your brand. What are you waiting for? Let's get loud! The worst thing we can do is to do nothing.  

Brand identity

Brand identity is not just a logo, your brand represents a set of elements and perceptions. Your brand identity should awake feelings that you want to provoke in your audience, so you can connect with them. Which type of feelings do you want to awake in your audience? Do you really express precisely what you really want?

At Loved Brands we identify the personality that is going to connect best with your audience and we express it precisely in your brand identity. 

Website creation

Express your brand image with a stunning website aligned with your brand strategy. 

We develop and design websites with a responsive user interface for mobiles, tablets, and desktops. We apply the latest neuro-marketing findings in order to create a website that sells. Our purpose is to minimize the bounce rate, by capturing the attention of the audience  from the first second.


Hold on, chillax! We are not trying to sell you out our services. Instead, here are some clients that will do the hard work for us. 

They really understood my target audience and provided a very professional service. It's very evident that Loved brands are actually passionate about what they do as they offer beyond what is required.

Producción Ficticia

Love Brands helped me to manage my communication strategy at a higher level.


A perfect analysis of where to focus. Definitely, we will work together again.

Imma Pascual

They turned a business idea in my mind into a real project.

Professional, creative and very good communicators, has made it easy to work together and achieve the desired results. Thank you

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Produccion ficticia
Low Key
Imma Pascual

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