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We all love to be loved

Loved Brands is a brand consulting agency for Beauty and Wellness businesses. We specialise in helping our clients to be loved by their audience through strategy and design.

We'll start with a great brand strategy, and from a solid foundation, we'll show you step by step how to make your customers fall in love with your brand.

We build strong brands

A strong brand differentiates itself from the competition. Your brand will acquire a unique and exclusive value proposition for which your audience will love you unconditionally.

Our goal is to create such a deep emotional connection with your audience that even if the competition offered the same product for a cheaper cost, your customers would be loyal and never abandon you.

Our approach

Based on your uniqueness (UVP), we will create a tailored plan with the objective to capture emotions and experiences that connect with your ideal customers.

Through market research, and with the right strategy and design, we will give your customers a thousand reasons to choose you so that they fall in love with your brand and become loyal to you forever.

Why work with us

Loved Brands is a fight against boredom and unfulfillment. We want to ensure that every entrepreneur within the beauty and wellness industry leaves their mark and creates an impact.

We believe that you either do it with passion or not at all. Our team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the industry will be fully devoted to making sure you thrive in your business. Book a call now so we can discuss your goals!

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Your beauty 
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We are not just another Brand Consulting Agency that promises you the whole sky and doesn't even reach the clouds. We believe that if we want to be the best brand agency for beauty and wellness businesses, we must have our feet well-grounded and focus on you. For that reason, we promise you what we know for certain we will deliver: strategy, beautiful designs and meaningful connections.

At Loved Brands, each project begins with the strategic part, where we analyse your ideal clients and make sure that every aspect of your brand connects with them. The beauty and wellness industry is oversaturated and the only way to stand out in a market like this is to create deeper connections. We will be using a neuromarketing approach to help your audience fall in love with your brand!


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Imma Pascual

They turned my business idea into reality! Mar is truly a professional. She is creative, motivated, and a great communicator. She made it easy to work together and achieve the desired results. Mar gave me so much clarity, and together, we’ve created a great brand that is really close to my heart and resonates with my clients.
Thank you!